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Volkswagen Immersive Supply Chain Visualisation


Together with Dimension Studio, we have created a multi-user virtual reality environment that visualises Volkswagen's supply chain data. The project has been used to improve communication between Volkswagen buyers and align their a joint buying strategy.

Volkswagen Purchasing

The Volkswagen Group contains 12 of the world largest automotive brands. One of the advantages of operating as a group are that purchasing can be done as one, offering a better negotiating position with suppliers. For this project, we worked with the tire purchasing team responsible for purchasing of tires. This team has to negotiate with many suppliers and coordination between buyers is essential.

The Challenge

Volkswagen wanted to explore the possibility of a shared virtual space where buyers who were in different physical locations could gather and discuss their buying strategy. In this space, buyers could load and visualise relevant supply chain data dynamically.

VR Data Science Environment

Through several workshops, we have established what the needs of the buyers were in the context of this VR collaboration environment. A multi-user environment was built using the Unity game engine. Some screenshots of different versions can be seen below.



Volkswagen Group


A multi-user virtual reality environment that allows Volkswagen's buyers to analyse and discuss supply chain data remotely


Dimension Studio and MHP Consulting